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A Basic Slide Rule Manual - Neville W Young - Notes

A Basic Slide Rule Manual

This book is a shorter version of another manual written by the author which is titled, "A Complete Slide Rule Manual", and which seems to have been used as a text in some advanced tertiary courses in Australia in the early 1970's. This basic version is a more introductory document but it still covers a good range of operations for Log and Trig.

  • Author: Neville W Young
  • Publisher: West Publishing Corporation
  • Copyright Date: 1973
  • Pages: 86
  • Condition: Good, scuff marks on cover


Chapters in this book:

 Multiplication (C and D Scales)
 Division (C and D Scales)
 Combined Operation on C and D Scales
 Squares and Square Roots (A and B Scales)
 Cubes and Cube Roots (K Scale)
 Inverted (Reciprocal) Scale (CI)
 Folded Scales (CF, DF and CIF)
 Percentage Ratio and Proportion
10   Combined Operations on C, D, CI, DI, CF, DF, CIF, A, B, BI, K and K' Scales
11   Sines and Cosines (S and ST Scales)
12   Tangent (T, T1, T2, and ST Scales)
13   Logarithms to Base 10 (L Scale)

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