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The Slide Rule

Fairly basic text based around coursework for the International Correspondence Schools of Scranton, Pennsylvania. I know of three versions of this book which were published, two in hard back and one in paper back. This example is the later of the two hard back versions.

  • Author: Rufus T Strohm and ICS Staff
  • Publisher: International Textbook Company
  • Copyright Date: 1939
  • Pages: 84
  • Condition: Good


Contents listed in this book:

 Construction of Slide Rules
 General Features of Slide Rules
 Parts of Slide Rules
 Graduations of Scales
 Basis of Graduation
 Principles of Operation of Slide Rule
 Values of Graduations
 Usual Operations with Mannheim Slide Rules
 Location of Decimal Point
10   Multiplication With Slide Rule
11   Division With Slide Rule
12   Multiplication and Division Combined
13   Powers and Roots
14   Special Uses of Mannheim Slide Rules
15   Mantissa of Logarithms
16   Trigonometric Functions
17   Slide Rules With Folded Scales and Log Log Scales
18   Folded Scales
19   Log Log Scales
20   Trigonometric Functions With Duplex Rule

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