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Versalog - Slide Rule Instructions

Post - Versalog - Slide Rule Instructions

Comprehensive manual from the Frederick Post company which was written for the Versalog series of slide rules.

  • Author: E I Fiesenheiser
  • Copyright Date: 1951
  • Pages: 115
  • Condition: Two slight dings on the base of the cover, other than that this manual is in mint condition with no yellowing of the pages or other marks inside. It looks unused.


Chapters in this manual:

 Description, Adjustment Care and Manipulation of the Slide Rule
 The Scales of the Slide Rule
 Multiplication and Division
 Square Root and Squares, Cube Root and Cubes
 Operations involving Powers, Recriprocals, Exponential Equations, Logarithms, Uses of the Log Log and the Log Scales
 Trigonometric Operations
 Civil Engineering Applications
 Mechanical Engineering Operations
 Electrical Engineering Operations

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