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Pickett 400 Business Slide Rules

How to Use Pickett 400 Business Slide Rules

This manual came with a Pickett N400-ES slide rule and is in fairly good shape after being folded for 30+ years. The manual has instructions for a range of basic functions as well as for the specialist markup and business ratios.

  • Author: Dr E Justin Hills
  • Copyright Date: Not listed but all illustrations are of pre 1950 type rules.
  • Pages: 22
  • Condition: Good, crease in middle from being folded.

This manual is available for download.


There are three sections in this manual:

General Information:

 Who should use the rule?
 What kinds of problems can be solved?
 What mathematical background is needed?

Part 1 - Markup:

 The slide rule itself
 How to read the scales
 Approximate numbers and answers
 Using the C, D, CF and DF scales
 Location of the decimal point in answer
 Six types of markup problems
 Series discounts

Part 2 - Use of the scales on back of the rule:

 Continued Products
 Combined multiplication and division
 The CI scale
 Square roots and squares
 Cube roots and cubes
10   Business Ratios
11   Per Cents
12   Initial Markup Analysis

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