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Relay - Instructions

Relay - Instructions

Manual which came with a Relay 153 Duplex slide rule. This manual also contained a catalogue of "Relay" bamboo rules which details the model number and the scales for each rule.

  • Author: Not Stated
  • Copyright Date: Not Stated
  • Pages: 30
  • Condition: Fair. The manual is worn and has a crease from being folded and stored in the box for many years.

This manual is available for download.


This manual is divided into four divisions as follows:

The Scales and Their Usages

Slide Rule Operation:

 Continuous Multiplication
 Mixed Calculation of Multiplication and Division
 The Folded Scale CF and DF
 Squares and Square Roots
 Cubes and Cube Roots
 Another Fundamental Calculation
10   The Sine of an Angle
11   The Cosine of an Angle
12   The Tangent of an Angle
13   The Sine and Tangent of an Angle Smaller than 554´
14   The Function of Angles Less than 034´
15   Other Trigonometrical Functions
16   Logarithms

Log Log Scales:

17   Multiplication
18   Continuous Multiplication
19   Division
20   Mixed Calculation of Multiplication and Division
21   The Folded Scale CF and DF

Duplex Slide Rule for Expert Electrical Engineer:

22   General Description
23   Arrangement and Usage of Scales
24   Trigonometrical Function
25   Vector
26   Hyperbolic Function
27   Hyperbolic Function of Complex Angle
28   Decibel Calculation
29   Some Applications on Electrical Problems

All of that in only 30 pages. Most of the sections are very brief and only briefly touch on some of the topics, many are just a single calculation or description of the usage and the user is expected to already have the basic understanding of what the author is describing.

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