Post/Hemmi - Instructions Greg's Slide Rules
Front Cover

Diagram Illustrating the Reading of the Graduations

Post/Hemmi - Instructions

Post/Hemmi - Instructions

This manual's cover lists a range of Post Slide Rules but this is the only reference to Post in the entire manual, all the references inside the manual refer to Hemmi rules, including all the diagrams and illustrations.

  • Author: Not Stated
  • Copyright Date: Not Stated
  • Pages: 51
  • Condition: Fair. The manual is worn and has a fold crease, some marks on cover.

This manual is available for download.


Chapters in this manual:

   Treatment of the Rule
   Construction and Specialities
   Diagram Illustrating the Reading of the Graduations
 The Hemmi's Normal Slide Rules
   1. How to Read Graduations
   2. Multiplication
   3. Division
   4. Mixture of Multiplication and Division
   5. A Square and a Square Root
   6. A Cube and a Cube Root
   7. Trigonometrical Functions
   8. Logarithms
   9. The Circumference and Area of a Circle
 The Slide Rule with the Inverse Scale (CI) and Cube Scale (K)
 Electrical Engineer's Slide Rule
 The Reitz Slide Rule
 The Slide Rule with Stadia Scale
 Three Line Cursor
 Various Technical Examples
 Marks and Tables

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