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Pickett - How to Use Basic Slide Rules

Pickett - How to Use Basic Slide Rules

This manual was written for the Microline series of student rules. This particular manual came with a Pickett Microline 120-ES.

  • Author: Professor Maurice L Hartung
  • Copyright Date: Not Stated
  • Pages: 16
  • Condition: Good, slight fold mark

This manual is available for download.



1a   How to Multiply
1b   How to read the C and D Scales
1c   More About Reading the Scales
1d   How to Divide
1e   Proportions
1g   Combined Operations
2a   How to Read the CI Scale
2b   How to Use the CI Scale in Multiplying
2c   Finding Squares and Square Roots
2d   Finding Cubes and Cube Roots
2e   Decimal Point Location
3a   How to Find Logarithms
3b   How to Read the Sine Scale
3c   How to Read the Tangent Scale
3d   Small Angles
3e   Radian Measure
3f   Logarithms, Base E

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