Instruction Manual for Bruning 2398 Greg's Slide Rules
Front Cover

Front Cover

Instruction Manual for Bruning 2398

Instruction Manual for Bruning 2398

This manual came with a Bruning 2398 slide rule and is in fairly good shape after being folded for 40+ years. The manual has instructions for a range of basic functions and is quite easy to read and follow.

  • Author: Not Stated
  • Copyright Date: 1958
  • Pages: 31
  • Condition: Good, fold marks.

This manual is available for download.



   Care of Rule
 Reading the Scales
 Division and Combinations of Division and Multiplication
 Proportions and Reciprocals
 Squares, Square Roots and Combinations
 Cube and Cube Roots
 Trigonometry and use of S, ST and T scales

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