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Keuffel & Esser 68 1100 Deci-Lon - Notes

  1. This rule was the last of the general purpose rules designed by K&E prior to ceasing slide rule manufacture.
  2. Names Deci-Lon after the decimal configuration of trigonometric scales introduced by K&E and the pronunciation of "Ln" symbol for logarithms.
  3. The stator bars on this model are asymmetric allowing for an increased number of scales on one side of the rule.
  4. Known as a classic amongst collectors this rule seems to have a wide variety of general purpose scales in a balanced layout. I certainly doesn't have the most scales or even the most unusual scales.


Further details about this Slide Rule:

Brand Keuffel & Esser
Model 68 1100 Deci-Lon
Country of Manufacture USA
Scales Front Sq1, Sq2, DF [CF, CIF, L, CI, C] D, Ln0, Ln1, Ln2, Ln3
Scales Back Ln-3, Ln-2, Ln-1, Ln-0, A [B, T, SRT, S, C] D, DI, K
Number of Scales 26
Slide Rule Materials Ivorite
Cursor Materials Nylon/Metal/Plastic with metal screws
Cursor Lines 1 Front, 1 Rear
Scale Length 25 cm
Length 32.3 cm
Width 4.9 cm
Condition Good
Documentation Keuffel & Esser - Deci-Lon - An Instruction Manual
Accessories Leather case

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