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Pickett Model 4 (2) - Notes

  1. This is one of the variants of the Model 4 by Pickett. I have noticed that there are a number different scales and layout in other versions of this rule on the web. This also applies to other early Pickett rules as if they were playing around with the design on a regular basis. This is understandable as the Pickett rules were not 'engine divided' but printed on a standard rule base so making new versions of a rule after feedback from customers was probably easier and therefore a more normal practice for Pickett in the early years.
  2. Refer to Model 4 (1) for another version of this rule with a slightly different layout and scale changes.


Further details about this Slide Rule:

Brand Pickett
Model Model 4 Vector Hyperbolic Log Log
Country of Manufacture USA
Scales Front 3√1, 3√2, 3√3, DF [CF, T, ST, S, CI, C] D, DI, √1, √2
Scales Back 1/N1, 1/N2, 1/N3, 1/N4, DF [CF, Th, Sh1, Sh2, CI, C] D, N1, N2, N3, N4
Number of Scales 30
Slide Rule Materials Magnesium
Cursor Materials Metal/Plastic
Cursor Lines 1 Front, 1 Rear
Scale Length 25 cm
Length 30.7 cm
Width 5.2 cm
Condition Good
Documentation None
Accessories Rubber case

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