W & G Model 454 - "Dualface" Artillery and Survey Greg's Slide Rules
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W & G Model 454 - "Dualface" Artillery and Survey - Notes

  1. W & G made slide rules in Australia from about the start of WWII through to the 1960's and possibly early 1970's.
  2. This model rule was made for use as an aid for Surveying and Artillery.
  3. This particular rule appears to have been originally issued by the Australian Army in 1952 but like most modern forces that body has long gone over to using more modern calculators and computers for these tasks.
  4. I have included a scan of part of the edge of this rule, it shows the lovely grain on the wood used by W & G for these rules and I have been told that they used either Australian Silver ash or Quondong wood.


Further details about this Slide Rule:

Brand W & G - White and Gillespie
Model Model 454 - Dualface Artillery and Survey
Country of Manufacture Australia
Date of Manufacture after WWII
Scales Front L, A [B, Reciprocal(CI), C] D, Cu(K)
Scales Back Sine(1), Sine(2) [Angle 2, Angle 1] Range, Tan(1), Tan(2)
Number of Scales 14
Slide Rule Materials Wood/Celluloid
Cursor Materials Metal/Glass
Cursor Lines 1 Front, 1 Back
Scale Length 25.5 cm
Length 34.9 cm
Width 4.3 cm
Condition Good, missing one screw on the Cursor
Documentation None
Accessories Heavy cardboard slip case

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