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Aristo Manufacturing Codes

'Modern' Aristo rules all have a manufacturing code on one edge of the rule. This is usually a combination of alpha and numeric codes which defines the rule's factory of manufacture, year of manufacture and batch number. Examples of this code are:
- 2FX16
- 4FE02
- 3LS06
- WLS32

Code Details

There are three code segments, The factory, year of manufacture and lot number. The lot number is a simple number and requires no explanation however the codes for factory and year are here.


Factory codes may be alpha or numeric.

Letter Code Number Code Factory
H 2 Hamburg
G 3 Geretsried
W 4 Wörgl

Year Code:

Up to about 1959 datea were included in the manufacturing code as a number after that the alpha codes were used.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Samples Explained

With the above codes explained then the three examples are then easily worked out to be:
- 2FX16 - Manufactured 1969 in lot 16 from the Hamburg factory
- 4FE02 - Manufactured 1968 in lot 02 from the Wörgl factory
- 3LS06 - Manufactured 1973 in lot 06 from the Geretsried factory
- WLS32 - Manufactured 1973 in lot 32 from the Wörgl factory

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